Daniel Hadfield


Rarity - Riot Fest

- September 19th 2015

I woke up and checked the weather app on my phone. Although the forecast was showing rain all day I got ready. I packed my camera gear, made sure I had my rain protector for my camera bag and my jacket. I got a ride to Riot Fest with my friends and when we arrived I split up with them almost immediately and made my way to the media tent to get my photo pass. Once in the venue I met up with my friends from the band Rarity, they had asked me to photograph their set. The clouds were showing pockets of nice blue sky and we thought the bad weather just might be passing over. 


After meeting up with the guys from Rarity we headed back to the stage they were playing on. Their set was at 2:45 pm and it was only around 11:00 am when I got onto the festival grounds. My photo pass didn't allow for backstage access but the guys worked a deal with the security and I was able to be back there for Rairty's set only.  I photographed the guys preparing for their set, doing soundcheck and performing. 

Rarity played a great set, very high energy and very fun to photograph. They drew a big crowd of familiar faces and hopefully some new fans too. Near the end of the set the rain that everyone knew was coming decided to make it's appearance. The clouds opened up and a torrential down pour ensued. It was raining so much Rarity ended up finishing their set early. 

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